OPOPOP Desk Fan Portable Mini Luxury goods Clip Adjustab 360 3 Speed Fan,3,Speed,/industrially3950103.html,360,Mini,Clip,Desk,Adjustab,OPOPOP,Portable,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,Fan,$30,www.patiomexica.com,Desk $30 OPOPOP Desk Fan Portable Mini Clip Desk Fan 3 Speed 360 Adjustab Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality $30 OPOPOP Desk Fan Portable Mini Clip Desk Fan 3 Speed 360 Adjustab Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality OPOPOP Desk Fan Portable Mini Luxury goods Clip Adjustab 360 3 Speed Fan,3,Speed,/industrially3950103.html,360,Mini,Clip,Desk,Adjustab,OPOPOP,Portable,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,Fan,$30,www.patiomexica.com,Desk

OPOPOP Desk Fan Portable Mini Luxury goods Clip Adjustab service 360 3 Speed

OPOPOP Desk Fan Portable Mini Clip Desk Fan 3 Speed 360 Adjustab


OPOPOP Desk Fan Portable Mini Clip Desk Fan 3 Speed 360 Adjustab

Product description

This new version clip-on rechargeable battery powered fan is of more powerful wind than the previous models. The clip on fan is energy-saving and very convenient to carry around, which would be an indispensable daily necessity for people. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor activities, such as traveling, camping, home, office,baby stroller, dormitory etc.lt;brgt;
Product Name: Automotive multi-function fan.lt;brgt;
Voltage: 5Vlt;brgt;
Current: 1Alt;brgt;
Power: 5Wlt;brgt;
Wind speed selection: lowamp; mediumamp; highlt;brgt;
Product color: silverlt;brgt;
Light mode: color breathinglt;brgt;

OPOPOP Desk Fan Portable Mini Clip Desk Fan 3 Speed 360 Adjustab

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