Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet With Citrine CZ Green Ranking integrated 1st place $35 Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet With Citrine Green CZ Handmade Products Jewelry $35 Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet With Citrine Green CZ Handmade Products Jewelry Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet With Citrine CZ Green Ranking integrated 1st place,Bracelet,Cuff,Handmade Products , Jewelry,/industrially3703503.html,Citrine,Green,Silver,With,CZ,Sterling,$35,Bracelet,Cuff,Handmade Products , Jewelry,/industrially3703503.html,Citrine,Green,Silver,With,CZ,Sterling,$35

Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet With Citrine CZ Green Ranking integrated 1st Fort Worth Mall place

Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet With Citrine Green CZ


Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet With Citrine Green CZ

- All products are designed, formed and forged by me in my home studio in Johns Creek, GA 30097 - All sterling 925 silver - The citrine colored 8mm cubic zirconia stone is set in sterling 925 silver tubing - Textured surface has a liver of sulfur patina applied - Ready to ship FREE! gift wrapped - Made in the USA - Ships from the USA

Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet With Citrine Green CZ

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