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Welcome to The Free Family Tree, growing stronger since 2008.
  1. Together we're growing an accurate single family tree using DNA and traditional genealogical sources.
  2. Privacy controls enable us to integrate modern family history.
  3. Extraordinary protections ensure that our shared tree will never be lost.
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Our tree includes 27,917,746 profiles (8,638,773 with DNA test connections) edited by 836,393 genealogists from around the world.

New & Notable

Profile of the Week: Matthew Webb, the first man to swim the English Channel unaided. Tell our group which "famous first" is your closest connection.

Last week: HONDA 77210-MCS-760ZE COWL, RR.NHB01 and other pseudonymous authors.


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Photo of the Week: "Florence McClain Drifting Down Santiam River." Photo uploaded by Lloyd Wright Jr. [more family history photos]

Big news! "WikiTree Challenge Breaks 500th Brick Wall for Guest Stars"

See what our community discovered about the roots of our special guest star Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., host of PBS TV's "Finding Your Roots," and dozens of other leading genealogists in our special WikiTree Challenge.

Register now to participate on a team in August.

Member of the Week: Scott McClain is active in the US Southern Colonies, Palatine, and Puritan Great Migration (PGM) projects.

"I have had the chance to learn from some outstanding mentors on the PGM Project. That's given me an opportunity to learn and hone research skills and then pass those lessons on to others as a mentor myself. The chance to work with so many talented genealogists in a supportive environment like this is priceless."

Exterior Mirror Glass w/Backing Plate Pair LH RH Set Compatibl Last week: Heather Stevens is on the Australian Convicts Team in the Australia Project.

"There are so many positive features of WikiTree: it is free, there is only one profile per person, you collaborate with other researchers, can ask questions, and can share your research without anyone having to use a credit card and a password to access it."

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ZHAOSHUNLI Storage Cabinet Storage Cabinet, Locker Children's Wa See GenealogyTV's new video tour: "How to Use WikiTree."

For a deeper look, see the "JKCKHA 0.001mm Electronic Outside Micrometer Carbide Tip Measuri" video series by a member.

A member's introduction in verse: "One tree, two tree ...".

This week's G2G themes:

  • Profile accuracy: Character. Choose a profile that fits the theme and checks its accuracy.
  • Family photos: Independent. Share a photo from your family collection.
Share just this week, or share every week to earn badges.
"It's been wonderful to experience how collaborative genealogy in WikiTree makes all of us better genealogists. Collaboration on our shared ancestors encourages us to share information and to hold each other to high standards." Ellen Smith
member since 2014
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