Automotive , Exterior Accessories,,(Synthetic,KFI,2500,$244,Edition,lbs.,Model,Rope),New,Winch,/expedientially4048777.html,Stealth $244 New KFI Stealth Edition 2500 lbs. Winch (Synthetic Rope) Model Automotive Exterior Accessories New KFI Stealth Edition 2500 lbs. Free Shipping New Winch Rope Model Synthetic New KFI Stealth Edition 2500 lbs. Free Shipping New Winch Rope Model Synthetic Automotive , Exterior Accessories,,(Synthetic,KFI,2500,$244,Edition,lbs.,Model,Rope),New,Winch,/expedientially4048777.html,Stealth $244 New KFI Stealth Edition 2500 lbs. Winch (Synthetic Rope) Model Automotive Exterior Accessories

New KFI Stealth Edition 2500 lbs. Free Shipping Winch Rope Model Synthetic Max 85% OFF

New KFI Stealth Edition 2500 lbs. Winch (Synthetic Rope) Model


New KFI Stealth Edition 2500 lbs. Winch (Synthetic Rope) Model

Product description

KFI Stealth winches feature quality cast aluminum and durable steel components, stealthed out with a full complement of accessories. Dynamic and mechanical braking system; Water-resistant seals to keep the elements out; Standard 4-hole mounting design; Heavy-Duty all metal turn clutch; Heavy-Duty electric contactor that protects the electrical system; 12-Volt DC, 1.2hp permanent magnet motor; 171:1 gear ratio Handlebar mini-rocker switch and black roller fairlead Smoke colored synthetic cable: 3/16”D x 50’L amp; cable hook stopper Made in USA Please make sure your shipping address is correct and where you want this item shipped to. Once the order has been placed there is no way to correct or change the address

New KFI Stealth Edition 2500 lbs. Winch (Synthetic Rope) Model

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