Felt Opening large release sale F5 1 2 2x120 Thick in $32,Thick,,1,1/2x120,1/2,Industrial Scientific , Raw Materials,Felt,,in,in,F5,,www.patiomexica.com,/excystation3733819.html Felt Opening large release sale F5 1 2 2x120 Thick in $32 Felt, F5, 1/2 in Thick, 1 1/2x120 in Industrial Scientific Raw Materials $32 Felt, F5, 1/2 in Thick, 1 1/2x120 in Industrial Scientific Raw Materials $32,Thick,,1,1/2x120,1/2,Industrial Scientific , Raw Materials,Felt,,in,in,F5,,www.patiomexica.com,/excystation3733819.html

Felt Opening large release sale San Jose Mall F5 1 2 2x120 Thick in

Felt, F5, 1/2 in Thick, 1 1/2x120 in


Felt, F5, 1/2 in Thick, 1 1/2x120 in

Product description

'Felt Strip, General Purpose, Wool Felt, Backing Type Plain, Thickness 1/2 In, Width 1 1/2 In, Length 120 In, F5 Grade, Off White Color, Density 6 Lbs/Sq Yd, Min Temp Rating -80 Deg F, Max Temp 200 F, Vibration Absorption Medium, Abrasion Resistance Good, Durometer 20 to 30 Shore A, Tensile Strength 400 PSI, Hardness Medium, For Dust Shields, Bumpers, Pads, Wipers'

Felt, F5, 1/2 in Thick, 1 1/2x120 in

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