WYJW Pet Grooming Force Hair Super Dryer Powerful Japan's largest assortment B Dog Pet Supplies , Dogs,Pet,Force,www.patiomexica.com,WYJW,Hair,Super,Powerful,Grooming,/enneahedria3703730.html,Dog,B,Grooming,$809,Dryer WYJW Pet Grooming Force Hair Super Dryer Powerful Japan's largest assortment B Dog $809 WYJW Pet Grooming Force Hair Dryer Super Powerful Dog Grooming B Pet Supplies Dogs Pet Supplies , Dogs,Pet,Force,www.patiomexica.com,WYJW,Hair,Super,Powerful,Grooming,/enneahedria3703730.html,Dog,B,Grooming,$809,Dryer $809 WYJW Pet Grooming Force Hair Dryer Super Powerful Dog Grooming B Pet Supplies Dogs

WYJW Pet Grooming Force Hair Super Dryer Powerful Japan's largest assortment Cheap super special price B Dog

WYJW Pet Grooming Force Hair Dryer Super Powerful Dog Grooming B


WYJW Pet Grooming Force Hair Dryer Super Powerful Dog Grooming B

Product description

You can save time while washing and drying your dog at home, making for a happier, stressfree pet.Good choice for drying large or long haired dogs.Also suitable for grooming shops or other business use

Experiments have shown that the drying time differs depending on the environment and the dogu2019s coat. However, this lightweight grooming tool features an advanced design that reduces drying time by 70%.

?The has a powerful and stable motor ,no matter it's a giant dog or large cat, it can dry in the short time,The heatresistance copper wired motor is tough and safe to use.
?The dryer has a heater with protector to switch for cold or warm. The protector can make it work at a safe temperature all the time, keep our pet warm in winter
?The variable Speed control roller easily allows precise adjustments to air flow. This provides better care for all dog types. The adjustable speed roller makes it great for controlling noise levels especially when grooming sensitive dogs
?This dryeru2019s advance design makes for a stark reduction of noise 41%.Low Noise engineered dryer especial for sensitive and small pets. External filter is especially designed for noise reductions, easy to remove and clean

Material: ABS + metal
Rated voltage: 110Vu2014220V
Rated power: 700W2800W
Air Speed: 68000 FPM
Air Volume: 320 CFM
Temperature: 30u201455 ℃
Noise: ≤70db

What you get
1 * 2800W
3 * Different Nozzles
1 * Manual

WYJW Pet Grooming Force Hair Dryer Super Powerful Dog Grooming B

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