/,Carbon,312,3500,www.patiomexica.com,fits,/elbower3861776.html,Suburban,Automotive , Replacement Parts,1995-2002,Motoring,Fibe,3500,GMC,$35 312 Motoring fits 1995-2002 GMC 3500 Suburban Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Carbon Fibe $35 312 Motoring fits 1995-2002 GMC 3500 / Suburban 3500 Carbon Fibe Automotive Replacement Parts 312 Motoring fits 1995-2002 GMC 3500 Suburban Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Carbon Fibe /,Carbon,312,3500,www.patiomexica.com,fits,/elbower3861776.html,Suburban,Automotive , Replacement Parts,1995-2002,Motoring,Fibe,3500,GMC,$35 $35 312 Motoring fits 1995-2002 GMC 3500 / Suburban 3500 Carbon Fibe Automotive Replacement Parts

312 High quality Motoring fits 1995-2002 GMC 3500 Suburban Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Carbon Fibe

312 Motoring fits 1995-2002 GMC 3500 / Suburban 3500 Carbon Fibe


312 Motoring fits 1995-2002 GMC 3500 / Suburban 3500 Carbon Fibe

Product description

These carbon fiber vinyl-wrapped trim pieces are made of a flexible ABS-plastic. They are secured to your car using industry-leading 3M-adhesive technology so all you need to do is peel and stick. They are removable in case you ever want to take them off. These molding comes with a 5-YEAR WARRANTY that guarantees they won't chip, crack, tarnish, peel, or fall off. If you have any problems with the trim during the next 5 years, we will replace them FREE!

312 Motoring fits 1995-2002 GMC 3500 / Suburban 3500 Carbon Fibe

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