Main Filter Inc. Replacement RUM166S60V Regular dealer STAUFF for $69 Main Filter Inc. Filter Replacement for STAUFF RUM166S60V Industrial Scientific Filtration $69 Main Filter Inc. Filter Replacement for STAUFF RUM166S60V Industrial Scientific Filtration for,STAUFF,$69,Industrial Scientific , Filtration,Filter,Inc.,/diplogangliate3905008.html,Main,,Replacement,RUM166S60V,Filter for,STAUFF,$69,Industrial Scientific , Filtration,Filter,Inc.,/diplogangliate3905008.html,Main,,Replacement,RUM166S60V,Filter Main Filter Inc. Replacement RUM166S60V Regular dealer STAUFF for

Main Filter Special Campaign Inc. Replacement RUM166S60V Regular dealer STAUFF for

Main Filter Inc. Filter Replacement for STAUFF RUM166S60V


Main Filter Inc. Filter Replacement for STAUFF RUM166S60V

Product description

Main Filter MF0577135 replaces OEM RUM166S60V by STAUFF and is compatible in fit, form and function.

Filter Technical Specifications
Product Media: Wire Mesh
Micron Rating: 60
Seal Type: Viton
Height: 9.843in
OD Top: 5.118in
OD Bottom: 5.118in
ID Top: 2.992in
ID_Bottom: 2.992in

All of our elements are manufactured according to ISO specifications, including: ISO 16889, Clean DP (low and high visc) - ISO 3968, Fluid compatibility - ISO 2943, Flow fatigue resistance - ISO 3724, Dirt capacity - ISO 16889, Collapse pressure - ISO 2941

All items marked "Replacement" or "Interchange" are not affiliated with the original manufacture where names and part numbers are for cross reference only. All trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners. Reference is made to the OEM solely to identify the compatibility of Main Filter Inc filter with the OEM filter.

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Main Filter Inc. Filter Replacement for STAUFF RUM166S60V

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