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MIOAHD Car Seat Back Storage Travel Backseat Max 71% OFF Organizer Free Shipping New P Bag

MIOAHD Car Seat Back Storage Bag Backseat Bag Organizer Travel P


MIOAHD Car Seat Back Storage Bag Backseat Bag Organizer Travel P

Product description


Easy to install
Environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant and anti-skid, strong bearing capacity, strong practicability
Product name: Car seat storage bag
Color: as shown
Material: PU leather
Applies to:
Universal fit for most cars, trucks and SUVs.
The package includes:
1 * Rear seat car storage bag
1. Due to manual measurement, please allow a slight difference of 1-3cm, and the color of different display settings will also be slightly different.
2. Compare the detailed size with yours, please allow a slight difference due to manual measurement.

MIOAHD Car Seat Back Storage Bag Backseat Bag Organizer Travel P

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