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Laptop Sleeve Seamless New product!! Pattern Flamingo New York Mall Love Red Ornament Waterp

Laptop Sleeve Seamless Pattern Flamingo Love Ornament Red Waterp


Laptop Sleeve Seamless Pattern Flamingo Love Ornament Red Waterp

Product description

This 14 Inch Protective Messenger Laptop Shoulder Bag is Made From Premium Neoprene Material, Which is Very Durable, Not Easily Broken.

The Exclusive Trendy Design also Gives Your Device the Most Functional yet Fashionable Look, and Enables You to Carry Your Laptop in a Uniquely Sleek Style.

It can be Perfectly used For Study Business Leisure and Travel, Stylish and Decent in Appearance, You Will be Delighted with Our Laptop Shoulder Bag.

Package includes:

1xlaptop sleeve

Laptop Sleeve Seamless Pattern Flamingo Love Ornament Red Waterp

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