$125 WiCCI gt6-ZJ Industrial Storage Bench, Entryway Lift Top Shoe St Home Kitchen Furniture WiCCI gt6-ZJ Industrial Storage Bench Lift Top Shoe Max 60% OFF St Entryway WiCCI,gt6-ZJ,www.patiomexica.com,Bench,,Industrial,Top,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Lift,St,$125,/carnal3585097.html,Shoe,Entryway,Storage WiCCI,gt6-ZJ,www.patiomexica.com,Bench,,Industrial,Top,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Lift,St,$125,/carnal3585097.html,Shoe,Entryway,Storage $125 WiCCI gt6-ZJ Industrial Storage Bench, Entryway Lift Top Shoe St Home Kitchen Furniture WiCCI gt6-ZJ Industrial Storage Bench Lift Top Shoe Max 60% OFF St Entryway

WiCCI gt6-ZJ Industrial Storage Bench Lift Top Boston Mall Shoe Max 60% OFF St Entryway

WiCCI gt6-ZJ Industrial Storage Bench, Entryway Lift Top Shoe St


WiCCI gt6-ZJ Industrial Storage Bench, Entryway Lift Top Shoe St

Product description

Specifications: 1. Color: Gray2. Material: P2 Particle board, Metal3. Assembly Required: Yes4. Product Size: (47.8 x 16.1 x 19)" / (121.5 x 41 x 48.5)cm(L x W x H)5. Load Capacity: 330 lbs Package Includes: 1 x Storage Bench

WiCCI gt6-ZJ Industrial Storage Bench, Entryway Lift Top Shoe St

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