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Sign Factory R99 Ranking TOP3 Lightning Roof Wrap Decal Vinyl - 5% OFF Wraps Decals

Sign Factory R99 Lightning Roof Wrap - Decal Decals Wraps Vinyl


Sign Factory R99 Lightning Roof Wrap - Decal Decals Wraps Vinyl

Product description

SIZING: Decal size is 52"w x 70"h. PLEASE MEASURE YOUR ROOF BEFORE ORDERING TO MAKE SURE THE PROVIDED SIZE WILL FIT. We can not accept returns/exchanges due to sizing issues. Please contact us BEFORE ORDERING if you need a different size. 70" measurement would be from windshield to back window.

DESCRIPTION: A Roof wrap is easy to install and will add an amazing custom look to any vehicle. This decal can also be applied over your sunroof and it will still open/close properly (Although it will no longer be transparent) We use only high quality professional Eco-Solvent inks which produce vivid color detail and outstanding durability. Graphics are printed on a long lasting 7 year durable vinyl with air release technology for easier installation, then laminated for extra protection. It is also car wash safe, and weather proof! Please check our large variety of other images. We have something for everyone. You will receive the design shown in the title and main picture above.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: (1)Clean surface of any dust or debris. Alcohol is recommended. (make sure surface is dry) (2)Place decal on a flat surface face down and peel off paper backing, *IMPORTANT* Avoid letting the decal stick to its self (3)Pull slightly tight, and Lightly stick the 4 corners of the decal to the desired location (this may be easier with two people) (4)With a padded credit card or drivers license, squeegy the decal down working from the middle out. (Try to avoid bubbles and/or creases) (5)Trim the excess material off along the edge of the roof seam with a razor or hobby knife (6)Heating the decal during application with aid in stretching curved areas. (6) Trim around the sunroof glass (if applies)

PLEASE DO NOT HOLD SELLER ACCOUNTABLE FOR INSTALLATION ERRORS. Professional installation is always an option at your local sign shop. Feel free to watch some videos of vinyl wrap installations for additional guidance.

Sign Factory R99 Lightning Roof Wrap - Decal Decals Wraps Vinyl

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