Axe with a carved wolf Christmas head birthda gift All stores are sold men's $140 Axe with a carved wolf head, men's gift, Christmas gift, birthda Handmade Products Sports Outdoors $140 Axe with a carved wolf head, men's gift, Christmas gift, birthda Handmade Products Sports Outdoors Axe with a carved wolf Christmas head birthda gift All stores are sold men's /aural3733498.html,a,gift,,,Christmas,men's,head,,Axe,with,wolf,Handmade Products , Sports Outdoors,birthda,gift,,$140,carved /aural3733498.html,a,gift,,,Christmas,men's,head,,Axe,with,wolf,Handmade Products , Sports Outdoors,birthda,gift,,$140,carved

Axe with a carved wolf Christmas head birthda gift All 55% OFF stores are sold men's

Axe with a carved wolf head, men's gift, Christmas gift, birthda


Axe with a carved wolf head, men's gift, Christmas gift, birthda

AN AXE WITH A DECORATIVE HANDLE IN A VIEW OF A WOLF HEAD AND A NICE HANDLE SURFACE STRUCTURE (OAK LEAVES WITH ACORNS) Looking for an unusual hand forged axe? Here it is! A compact outdoors axe, hand-forged and made from carbon steel using traditional blacksmith methods. The steel is stuck several times, increasing its density and thereby the durability of the axe. Perfect for packing in a rucksack, the axe can also be worn on a belt. It will be a perfect companion in your ventures through the wilds, through the woods of the pacific northwest, or at the cabin to make kindling to warm your hearthside. It could be also a cute decorative object in your home or handy tool. This axe can be used for all sorts of task include carving, chopping and splitting kindling, and field dressing small game. It is sharpened. YOU MUST BE OVER 18 TO PURCHASE THIS ITEM! If we can not independently verify your age, you may be asked to provide identification. Providing false or misleading information is an offence. By clicking the buy now or add to cart button, you are confirming that you are 18 years of age or older. Sizes: Length of the handle: 45 cm (17.72") Length of the axe head: 15 cm (5.91") Working length of the blade: 12 cm (4.73") Color of the handle: dark brown. The sizes/color/design might be a bit different from item to item. A nice present for a wedding anniversaries (6th, 11th), birthday, Father's Day, Christmas and for many other gifting occasions! It might be the best functional piece of art and decoration in your home (as well as a real men's axe)! It is a unique gift for a man! Add charm to your house with one of these cute crafts!

Axe with a carved wolf head, men's gift, Christmas gift, birthda

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