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AIZYR Home Multifunctional Mini Max 68% OFF Portable Outdoor Challenge the lowest price Fishing Heater

AIZYR Home Multifunctional Mini Heater, Outdoor Portable Fishing


AIZYR Home Multifunctional Mini Heater, Outdoor Portable Fishing

Product description


Product Type: Indoor Heater
Product color: beige/green
Control mode: manual knob
Other functions: heating / boiling water / barbecue
Heating method: infrared ceramic plate
Safety protection: accidental flameout protection
Product size: 250x250x330mm
Packing size: 290x270x365mm
Applicable gas source: natural gas 2000pa/liquefied gas 2800pa
Package includes: 1*gas heater

1. The knob type gear ignition operation key is easy to operate and more convenient
2. Accidental flameout protection, safer to use
3. Humanized design of the portable handle, made of stainless steel for more durability
4. Gas inlet, tighter design to prevent gas leakage
5. Special stainless steel material, can be hung or stand, more convenient to use
6. Environmental protection, energy saving, health and safety

AIZYR Home Multifunctional Mini Heater, Outdoor Portable Fishing

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