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TISESIT INDOOR Hot Glue Opening large release sale Gun Quick Melt Heating wit discount

TISESIT INDOOR Hot Glue Gun, Quick Heating Hot Melt Glue Gun wit


TISESIT INDOOR Hot Glue Gun, Quick Heating Hot Melt Glue Gun wit

Product description


product features:
1. This product uses high-quality lithium battery for power supply, recyclable; built-in metal heating element, rapid heating and long life.
2. Glue sticks are easy to melt when heated, with high purity, transparent texture, good adhesion, and long-lasting bonding.
3. The glue gun is light and portable, wireless operation, convenient and safer; the glue nozzle has anti-scalding design, and children can use it with confidence.
4. Long battery life, fast glue output, ready to use, widely used in various DIY production and patch work such as student handwork, accessories, toys, and crafts.
5. Indicator light function: when in use-blue light, charging-red light, green light when charging is completed
Note: The glue gun must be used with a glue stick with a diameter of 7mm, and it must be placed correctly during use to prevent glue pouring.
Product packaging:
①Product packaging:
Glue gun*1
Glue stick*10

Glue gun*1
Glue stick*20

Glue gun*1
Glue stick*50

TISESIT INDOOR Hot Glue Gun, Quick Heating Hot Melt Glue Gun wit

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