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Mouse Pads Date A Live Red Pad Ranking integrated 1st place K Anime Tokisaki Discount mail order Gaming RGB

Mouse Pads Date A Live Red RGB Mouse Pad Gaming Anime Tokisaki K


Mouse Pads Date A Live Red RGB Mouse Pad Gaming Anime Tokisaki K

Product description

Size:31.5x11.8 inch

➤ RGB gaming mouse pad instruction:

◆ Power failure memory function
◆ Detachable USB cable length 6 feet
◆ Soft fabric base design and waterproof
◆ Highly textured weave for precise mouse control

➤Package includes:

◆ 1 x Large Desktop Mouse Pad
◆ 1 x USB cable (1.8 meters)


1.When you want to store the mouse pad, please remember not to fold or pull the mat, otherwise it will damage the luminescent fiber. 2.The material of our mouse pad is natural rubber, which inevitably tastes like natural rubber, but it is non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly. 'environment. Please put it in a ventilated environment for a few days.

Mouse Pads Date A Live Red RGB Mouse Pad Gaming Anime Tokisaki K

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