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ET8204 ET8201 6000 Counts AC Automatic Identificat excellence Multimeter NEW before selling ☆ DC

ET8204/ET8201 6000 Counts AC DC Multimeter Automatic Identificat


ET8204/ET8201 6000 Counts AC DC Multimeter Automatic Identificat

Product description

Model: ET8201, ET8204 (optional)
The difference between ET8201 and ET8204: ET8204 can measure DC current and frequency
Maximum display: 5999 (3 5/6) display
Sampling rate: about 3 times per second
DC voltage:
Range: 6V/60V/1000V
Accuracy: ±(0.5%+3)
Resolution: 0.001/0.01/0.1V
AC voltage:
Range: 6V/60V/750V
Accuracy: ±(0.8%+10)
Resolution: 0.001/0.01/1V
DC current (ET8204):
Range: 60A/600A
Accuracy: ±(2.5%+30)
Resolution: 0.01/0.1A
Alternating current:
Range: 60A/600A
Accuracy: ±(2.5%+30)
Resolution: 0.01/0.1A
Temperature measurement:
Range: -20~1000℃
Accuracy: ±(1.0%+5)<400; ±(1.5%+15)≥400℃
Resolution: 1℃
Range: 0~1832℉
Accuracy: ±(0.75%+5)<750; ±(1.5%+15)≥750℉
Resolution: 1℉
Resistance measurement:
Range: 600Ω
Accuracy: ±(0.8%+5)
Resolution: 0.1Ω
Range: 6Ω/60KΩ/600KΩ/6MΩ
Accuracy: ±(0.8%+3)
Resolution: 1Ω/10Ω/100Ω/1KΩ
Range: 60MΩ
Accuracy: ±(2.5%+3)
Resolution: 10KΩ
Capacitance measurement:
Range: 10nF/100nF/1μF/10μF/100μF/1mF/10mF
Accuracy: ±(3.5%+20)
Resolution: 10pF/100pF/1nF/10nF/100nF/1μF/10μF
Range: 60mF
Accuracy: ±(5%+3)
Resolution: 100μF
Frequency measurement (ET8204): 1Hz~10MHz
T-RMS: Yes
Switch buzzer: Yes
Backlight display: yes
Diode: output 3.0V
Data retention: yes
NCV: Yes
Flashlight: yes
Zero line of fire: yes
Battery: 2 * AAA batteries (not included)
Working environment: 0~40℃
Relative humidity: lt;80%
Item size: 176 * 67 * 33mm / 6.9 * 2.6 * 1.3in
Packing size: 205*115*42mm/8.1*4.5*1.7in
Package weight: 345g

ET8204/ET8201 6000 Counts AC DC Multimeter Automatic Identificat

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