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DIY Latch Hook Kits Rugs, Latch Hook Kits Cushion Latch Hooking


DIY Latch Hook Kits Rugs, Latch Hook Kits Cushion Latch Hooking

Product description

This kit will give you a rug that Embroidery Beautiful Pictures,Do your own DIY
Suitable for Home textile, DIY handmade craft.
It is easy to use for kids, children, adults or beginners
Package includes multi Embroidery threads, Color Card, mesh embroidered cloth, Crochet hooks, with Printed Canvas Pattern.
Basic Tutorial:
1.First put the latch needle into the corresponding tiny grid, then fold the cut line in half and put it in the tongue at the front of the latch needle.
2.Pull the crochet backward so that the folded yarn passes through the small square, forming a yarn ring at the end.
3.Push the latch needle forward through the yarn ring, at the same time putting the two ends of the yarn into the two tongues of the latch needle.
4.Pull the latch needle back and put the two ends of the yarn into the yarn ring,and pull it tight.
1. This is "DIY Unfinished Set", need to be finished by yourself, thank you.
2. If you have any questions about the item, please contact us and we will reply you within 24 hours to solve the problem for you. Thank you!

DIY Latch Hook Kits Rugs, Latch Hook Kits Cushion Latch Hooking

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